Kasia D. Lopez, DDS / PureDental

Our Beautiful Smile Guarantee

We see too many cases where a patient asked their dentist for a smile makeover, only to be disappointed in the results. That won't happen with Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. Kasia Lopez. She has a beautiful smile guarantee.

Here's how it works. When you come to us for a new smile, Dr. Lopez will start by discussing with you your smile design preferences. How white do you want your smile to be? Do you want a mature look or a youthful look? From that discussion, she will create a wax mock-up of a proposed smile design.

If you like the wax mock-up, you will be scheduled for the makeover. Specific instructions will be sent to the ceramist who actually crafts the porcelain for your new smile, to make sure your desires are followed.

Then, when the porcelain work is completed, before that new smile is bonded onto your teeth, the smile will be tried in. Usually, that try-in is a case of love at first sight and you will feel like you can't wait to get it bonded permanently. But if you are hesitant at all about how it looks, it will be sent back to the ceramist until you can truly say that you love the new smile. This is our beautiful smile guarantee.