Veneers and cleanings

I am about to move to another state, which will mean a new dentist for me.  A few months ago I invested in porcelain veneers. Is there anything special I need to know about them to inform whomever my new dentist will be?

Thanks, Jennifer G. from San Diego, CA


Yes, actually, there is. I’m so glad you thought to ask this ahead of time. I’m assuming your dentist told you all about your personal hygiene and upkeep of your porcelain veneers, so I’m going to focus on the information you need to be armed with for the hygienist. There are two things you want be certain do not happen during your cleanings.

The first is the use of a power jet during cleaning. The Prophy-Jet sprays sodium bicarbonate on  your teeth in order to clean them. This will definitely destroy the glaze on your veneers, leaving them unable to resist stains. They’ll become dull and discolored. I’ve had dental hygienists argue with me saying they’ve used this on veneer patients before and the teeth looked fine afterwards. It’s true that they will look fine immediately afterwards, but it won’t take long until that changes.

Secondly, under no circumstances should you allow them to give you a fluoride treatment. The acid in the fluoride will etch your veneers, again leaving them susceptible to staining.

With proper care  your porcelain veneers will last for a very long time.

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