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Leaving country during invisalign treatments

I have an opportunity to go to France for six weeks.  If I did, it would mean missing two or three Invisalign appointments.  Is there a way to work this out?

Loreen M. – Nevada


No matter how much you want your teeth straightened, you don’t want to pass u
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I may have swallowed some of my mercury filling

I went in to get a mercury filling removed, because was concerned about the health effects. My dentist didn’t agree, but I finally wore him down.  During the procedure, chunks of it came off. I’m a little worried that I may have ingested some.  Am I in danger?

Lizzie S. ̵
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Holistic verse mercury free dentists

What is the difference between a mercury free dentist and a holistic dentist? I’m trying to find someone who will let me get white fillings instead of the ones with mercury in them.

Emily S. – Oregon


Both a mercury free and an holistic dentist will be willi
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Is a full mouth reconstruction really necessary for TMJ?

When last at the dentist’s office, I mentioned I’ve been having a lot of headaches. He instantly started messing with my jaw and told me that I have TMJ disorder and will need a full mouth reconstruction.  I just added up the total cost for what that would mean. It’s astronomic
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Can’t I make the decisions for my fillings?

My dentist doesn’t want to give me white fillings, but shouldn’t I be the one to make the decisions? I have issues with mercury. It doesn’t matter to me if the mercury makes your teeth stronger. I’d rather have the other.

Madiline P. – Houston

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Italians and Invisalign

I’m thinking of getting invisalign, but I’m italian. Wine is a  its own food group. Someone told me you can’t drink wine when you’re doing invisalign treatments. I would rather be impaled than not drink wine for a year or two.

Giuseppe S. – Staten Island, NY<
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