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Can I take Invisalign without appointments?

I was really hoping to straighten my smile, but I’m leaving the country for two months to serve a mission. There won’t be a dentist availble, except possible a volunteer mission dentist, but they won’t have any real technology with them. Is it possible to do Invisalign without c
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Do orthodontic bands really work for my gap?

I keep reading these reviews for bands that close gaps in your teeth.  Do these really work? I have a small gap that has always embarassed me. These bands don’t cost much money, which is appealing.

Rianna – Bethesda, MD


I’m glad you wrote before you
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Will insurance cover a TMJ Specialist?

My doctor suspects it may be TMJ that is causing my headaches. He suggested I see a TMJ specialist. Do you know if insurance covers that? What kind of insurance do I need?

Fran – Boise, ID


There’s nothing worse than worrying that you can’t afford somet
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Can medicine cause you to grind your teeth?

I’ve been having pretty severe jaw pain and headaches.  I went in to see my dentist and he said it looks like I’ve been grinding my teeth.  I know this is a  longshot, but could this new medication I’ve been on cause this? It’s called Atapryl.

Frank N. – Bo
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