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Help! I don’t want mercury in my child’s body.

My daughter needs a filling. That much I agree with. But, the dentist absolutely refuses to give her a white filling. He said children have to have amalgam fillings. But, I’ll be hogtied before I let someone put mercury in my little darlin’s mouth. What options to I have? I’d honestly rather pull the tooth.

Stephanie – Delaware


Please don’t pull her tooth. You can definitely get her a white filling. Just apparently not with your current dentist. It is harder to put white fillings on children, but it is not impossible.

Your best bet is NOT to pressure your dentist into doing this.  If you do, it could end up a disaster.

Instead, go to a holistic dentist who likes treating children. Any holistic dentist will not only place white fillings, they’ll be completely mercury free.  They won’t even offer amalgam fillings.

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My jaw is clicking

I fell down the stairs. Ever since then my jaw has started clicking whenever I open it.  It’s a little uncomfortable and distracting. Is this a dentist problem or doctor problem?

Jennifer L. – Lexington, Kentucky


It could be either one. The clicking makes me think it is TMJ, but the fall could mean your done some additional damage too.  My first course of action would be to go to your dentist and have him do an x-ray as well as run other tests to determine if it is TMJ or something else.

You want to be sure you don’t just go to any dentist.  You’ll want one who has specific neuromuscular training and is experienced in treating TMJ.

There isn’t a recognized TMJ specialty, so anyone can call themselves a TMJ Dentist. You’ll really want to know about their training. For instance, Dr. Lopez attended the  International Academy of Cranio-Facial Pain and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental studies.  No dentist should be offended if you ask what their TMJ training and experience entails.

This blog is brought to you by Chicago Holistic Dentist Dr. Kasia Lopez.

Safely removing mercury fillings

I need to remove some amalgam fillings from my mouth. I’m having health problems and getting the mercury out of my mouth is something I can actively do.  My only concern is that they be removed without me inhaling the mercury vapors, which my dentist said would be more unhealthy than leaving them there.  Am I doomed to keep the fillings in?

Mary Q. – Cincinatti


It is a legitimate concern, but any mercury free holistic dentist, like Dr. Lopez, will tell you that there is a sanitary way to remove the amalgam fillings.

Using a rubber dam and alternate breathing source, you can be safe from swallowing and of the fillings or breathing any of the vapors.

If your dentist doesn’t know how to do that, and it doesn’t sound like he does, then you’ll need to go to another dentist for your filling removal.

This blog is brought to you by Chicago Holistic Dentist Dr. Kasia Lopez.

Need new teeth for a job

I want to get a promotion, but it entails doing T.V. interviews.  I have a crooked smile.  I’m qualified for this job, but I imagine my boss would want someone with a more attractive smile.  It just makes sense.  However, I dread the idea of wearing braces at my age. They always look ridiculus on adults.  What options do I have?

Mary Q. – Maryland


You have a couple of good options.

Your first option, if you’re wanting to actually straighten your teeth then I suggest you use Invisalign.  They are more efficient than braces.  But, the best part for someone in your situation is that they are completely invisable while on your teeth, even at a conversational distance.

Another option will work a little faster, but doesn’t actually straighten your teeth. Though, it will make them look straight.  There is an additional benefit, but only if there are other things about your teeth you’d like to change. Porcelain veneers can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth. They are more expensive though.

I would talk to a good cosmetic dentist about both Invisalign and porcelain veneers. He or she will examine your smile and go over your options with you.  Some will even do a complimentary consultation.

This blog is brought to you by Chicago Holistic Dentist Dr. Kasia Lopez.

I can finally afford to fix my teeth, but am too old for braces!

All my life I wanted braces, but my parents couldn’t afford them.  Now, I’ve worked for years, but then my children needed them.   My kids are all done with braces, and now I can finally straighten my teeth, but my job is very public.  I cannot do a mouth full of metal.  Are there any options for me? Porcelain veneers are way out of my budget.

Morgan L. – Idaho


I love that even though you had a dream of a straight bite, you still put your children first.  That shows you are a caring, selfless mother.  You deserve to have your smile now!

There is a good option for you. Have you looked into Invisalign?  It is an orthodontic treatment that is invisible, even at a conversational distance.  Instead of using wires and brackets,

It’s not a good fit for everyone, but I would look up local invisalign dentists in your area and have them look over your bite and see if it will work for you.

This blog is brought to you by Chicago Holistic Dentist Dr. Kasia Lopez.

I don’t see TMJ specialists listed on my insurance

I was trying to find a TMJ specialist, but it doesn’t seem to be listed on my insurance.  I don’t mind paying, I just need to figure out how to locate a TMJ specialist.

Penny C. – Indiana


The reason you’re having a hard time finding a TMJ specialist, is there isn’t really a recognized specialty in TMJ.  Any general dentist who treats TMJ can call themselves a TMJ specialist.

However, it really is specialized care, so you’ll want to find a dentist who has significant post-graduate training. If you click here, you can get an idea of what kind of training you want in a dentist who is going to diagnose and treat your TMJ.

This blog is brought to you by Chicago Holistic Dentist Dr. Kasia Lopez.

I need more than mercury-free. I need non-toxic

I am trying to find a dentist who believes in non-toxic treatment. I have no problem finding a mercury-free dentist, but those same dentists don’t care what else they put in your mouth.  I’m looking for completely non-toxic fillings. Is there a way to figure that out ahead of time?

Genell A. – Syracuse, NY


I understand your frustration.  A dental patient once wrote a letter saying that her new dentist, who advertised as holistic, considered himself so, merely because he gave you the option of not using fluoride.  That was it.  He still placed fillings laden with mercury, so there wasn’t even the mercury free dentistry thing as a possibility.

One of the things you can do when speaking to a mercury-free dentist, to ensure he or she is also toxic free, is to ask if their composite fillings are BPA free.

It is possible to have mercury free AND BPA free fillings, because Dr. Lopez does that. Make sure you check with the office ahead of time, because while you’re sitting in the operatory is too late.

This blog is brought to you by Holistic Dentist Dr. Kasia Lopez.

Can you kiss with invisalign?

My name is Missy.  I’m trying to decide between braces and invisalign. I just wondered if you can still kiss with the invisalign?

Missy –  Alabama


Most patients have no trouble kissing with invisalign. A few patients have said that it is awkward at first, but quickly got used to the difference.

I will say that it will be much more comfortable than kissing with braces. The wires and brackets can be quite uncomfortable and have even been known to cut someone’s gums or lips.  Not to mention that if you boyfriend is wearing braces as well, you could get linked together.

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I’m embarassed by my smile but can’t afford porcelain veneers

I’m hoping you can give me some guidance. I am really embarassed by my smile. My teeth are crooked and stained.  I don’t even smile anymore. I don’t want braces because I’m an adult and have to face co-workers, but I can’t afford porcelain veneers. I’m feeling desperate. Do you have any recommendations for me?

Stacey A. – Vermont


I understand your feelings and I have a couple of suggestions for you. There have been so many advances in orthodontics over the years, that there is now a way to straighten your teeth without wearing braces.

You could get Invisalign to straighten your teeth.  They work faster than braces and no one will no that you’re wearing them. Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, your dentist might be able to let your aligners double as teeth whitening trays. That would enable you to straighten and whiten your teeth at the same time.

This blog is brought to you by Chicago Holistic Dentist Dr. Kasia Lopez.

Will an anterior repositioning splint really work?

I’ve been diagnosed with TMJ. My dentist wants me to wear an anterior repositioning splint.  I just wondered what your opinion is on whether it would really work. It seems a little simplistic for a solution to such a complicated issue.

Deanna S. – Little Rock, AR


Depending on your specific TMJ situation, an anterior repositions splint can be a great solution.  It’s designed to realign the condyles that are part of the temporomandibular joint, in other words the hinge in the jaw. This is meant to keep your jaw in the right position. Generally, you’d wear it about 3 months.

I haven’t seen your case in order to give you a real diagnosis, but unless your case is much more complicated. In the most extreme cases there is a need for some reconstruction. But, if your dentist is recommended an anterior repositioning splint, you’re likely not one of the most extreme cases.

It’s also possible that you’ll need a more aggressive treatment, but your dentist is being conservative in his treatment.  It’s always good to use the least intrusive solution if there is a chance it could work.  You could always go to a more aggressive treatment later if it is still needed, but you can’t go back from intrusive treatment.

This blog is brought to you by Chicago Dentist Dr. Kasia Lopez.