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Can I fix a tooth gap without braces?

I have a space/gap between my front teeth. It is really embarrassing. Is there a way to fix this without having to get a full set of braces?

Melissa S. – Pennsylvania


I’m not sure if you’re asking if you can fix this without traditional braces or wi
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My mouth doesn’t always open all the way

I’ve been having trouble with my jaw lately.  Some days it is just popping, but other days it doesn’t open all the way. It’s very uncomfortable.  Is this dental or medical?

Janet L. – Kansas


Bear in mind I haven’t examined you, but it so
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New dentist is mercury free- He thinks I should get rid of my silver fillings

My new dentist calls himself a mercury free dentist. He said that it is better for my health if I get rid of my silver fillings because they contain mercury and replace them with white fillings.  Is that accurate or is he just trying to get more business?

Alina M. – Austin, TX

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Leaving country during invisalign treatments

I have an opportunity to go to France for six weeks.  If I did, it would mean missing two or three Invisalign appointments.  Is there a way to work this out?

Loreen M. – Nevada


No matter how much you want your teeth straightened, you don’t want to pass u
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I may have swallowed some of my mercury filling

I went in to get a mercury filling removed, because was concerned about the health effects. My dentist didn’t agree, but I finally wore him down.  During the procedure, chunks of it came off. I’m a little worried that I may have ingested some.  Am I in danger?

Lizzie S. ̵
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Holistic verse mercury free dentists

What is the difference between a mercury free dentist and a holistic dentist? I’m trying to find someone who will let me get white fillings instead of the ones with mercury in them.

Emily S. – Oregon


Both a mercury free and an holistic dentist will be willi
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Is a full mouth reconstruction really necessary for TMJ?

When last at the dentist’s office, I mentioned I’ve been having a lot of headaches. He instantly started messing with my jaw and told me that I have TMJ disorder and will need a full mouth reconstruction.  I just added up the total cost for what that would mean. It’s astronomic
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