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Many dentists call them silver fillings. They were developed In the 1840s when dentists discovered they could make a paste from a mixture of silver and mercury. Pressed into the cavity, it would harden into a filling that would last for many years. But people don't realize that there is actually more mercury in them than silver. About 50% of the filling is mercury. And the proper name of the material would be amalgam.

In the 1980s, a new type of composite material was developed to the point where it could serve as an excellent filling for back teeth. At the same time, new bonding technology was developed that enabled dentists to bond this filling material to the teeth. Since then, there have been further advances in this material, to where many dentists far prefer it over the traditional silver-mercury amalgam.

Many dentists still prefer placing amalgam fillings. They feel that they are time-tested, and they are uncomfortable with the new technology. It does require special training to properly place the composite fillings. But Dr. Lopez prefers to have a completely mercury-free practice, so she prefers the composite fillings.

Advantages of Mercury Free Composite Fillings

Picture of Silver Filling made mostly of mercuryPicture of mercury free Composite Filling

Composite fillings have a number of advantages over the old-fashioned amalgam fillings. Besides not containing any mercury, they bond to the teeth, making the teeth stronger. They also require less drilling away of healthy tooth structure, and they are much less sensitive to hot and cold.

And, as you can see in the picture above, amalgam fillings are very unattractive. Not even your back teeth can hide the gaudy metallic fillings when you laugh, and who wants to be self conscious while enjoying themselves? In contrast, composite fillings blend in naturally with your teeth. No one will even know you have fillings.

Sanitary Mercury Removal

There are patients, when they have the old mercury-containing amalgam fillings removed and replaced with composite, understandably worry about the mercury in the dust that is created when the old fillings are drilled out. If this is a concern of yours, Dr. Lopez understands. We have sanitary mercury removal techniques that protect you from exposure to this dust.

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