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Comprehensive Dental Care

Your Holistic Family Dentist

PureDental incorporates neuromuscular and holistic dental health techniques that give special consideration to the soft and bony tissues of your orofacial anatomy.

One such example is the way your teeth bite together (occlude.) When your occlusion is off balance, it can cause tooth wear and radiate into the jaw, resulting in TMJ disorder. Adjusting your occlusion can help your teeth and jaws to function more efficiently.

Oral cancer screenings are another vital service that we provide. Because oral cancer is extremely dangerous, the most effective treatment comes by diagnosing pathology at an early stage. During your checkup, we’ll evaluate your oral tissues for signs of precancerous and pathological tissues — it could save your life! If you’re looking for a family dentist, PureDental in Chicago, IL also offers preventative and restorative services to patients of all ages. Both you and your children are welcome here with us!

dr lopez discussing dental procedure with patient Chicago IL

Your Holistic Family Dentist

Dr. Lopez has over 25 years of experience in family and holistic dentistry. PureDental is happy to provide basic preventative, restorative, and additional dental services tailored to the unique oral and total health needs of our patients.

  • Prevention focused strategies
  • Early intervention
  • Total body health focus
  • Full mouth reconstruction and dental implants
  • Biocompatible restorations
  • Mercury and fluoride-free dentistry

Gentle Dentistry in Chicago

PureDental implements safe sedation practices to help our patients overcome anxiety and dental phobia. Whether you’re here for a checkup or are undergoing a gum graft procedure, we offer this comfortable alternative to feel relaxed and at ease during your restorative procedures or other additional dental services.

New Patients Welcome