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Facial Rejuvenation Can Complement Your Oral Health and Overall Appearance

Anti-Aging Dentistry at PureDental

At Pure Dental, we focus our energy and resources on helping our patients achieve optimal wellness and beauty in the most natural and holistic manner. Our holistic dentist, Dr. Katarzyna Lopez offers comprehensive oral health services combined with strategies that keep your overall health in mind. From SMART mercury filling removal to oral sleep apnea therapy, you’ll find that there’s not a single aspect of your lifestyle where holistic dentistry does not come into play.

Dr. Lopez Discusses The Age Reversing Process & Health Benefits Of Smile Lift

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Facial Rejuvenation Services

  • BOTOX® injectables for fine lines, wrinkles, and migraines
  • Plasma rich platelet (PRP) therapy
  • Smile lifts with advanced orthodontics

Our Chicago, IL holistic dentist offers comprehensive facial rejuvenation techniques to enhance your overall appearance and compliment your smile!

Explore the Advantages of Anti-Aging Dentistry

Addressing the effects of tooth and bone loss can provide you with a more youthful, fuller skin tone that enhances your self-confidence. Complimenting the skin tone and fullness of your lips, cheeks, forehead, and overall face can accentuate the cosmetic dental treatment you’ve invested in and help you feel more confident. At PureDental we offer everything from BOTOX injectables for Crow’s feet and Migraines to PRP therapy for collagen production in your face. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Lopez is especially aware of how facial rejuvenation services affect your overall quality of life, not just the way you look when you smile! Her extensive experience in orofacial therapies and rehabilitation make us an excellent resource for elective cosmetic services.

BOTOX Treatments

  • Migraines
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles

PRP Treatment

  • Collagen production
  • Smoother, softer skin
  • Dark spots and blemishes
  • Faster healing times

Smile Lifts

  • Accent your facial profile
  • Address worn, missing teeth
  • Fill in sunken tissues

Personalized Treatment Plans

Every facial rejuvenation case is unique. At PureDental, our holistic dentist can create a custom treatment plan designed to specifically target the areas you are concerned with most. We may incorporate a combination of aesthetic and injectable services to deliver the best overall results for you.

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