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Your teeth and overall dental health have a direct impact on your neuromuscular function, immune system, and even your emotional needs. By seeing a holistic dentist like Dr. Lopez, you can feel confident knowing that all of your treatment and therapeutic recommendations will be centered around the goal of optimal overall wellness. At PureDental, we see patients as more than just a set of teeth. We’re here to take your total health and wellness into account in everything we do.

PureDental carefully selects and invests in resources that are both environmentally sound and non-toxic, including products free of fluoride, gluten, mercury, latex, and PBA. We even use triple-filtered water during each procedure, to eliminate the risk of potential contamination during your dental treatment. Dr. Lopez has over 25 years of experience in dental care, with hundreds of hours of training in holistic, biocompatible, neuromuscular, and cosmetic dentistry. If you’re looking for a health oriented dental provider in Chicago, IL, PureDental is the industry leader.

Holistic Dentistry Combines Health And Beauty In Smiles

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Holistic Dentistry at PureDental

  • Non-toxic and biocompatible products
  • Total-body focused care plans
  • An understanding of how oral health affects the body
  • Patient driven care tailored to the individual
  • Metal free fillings and mercury safe removal practices
  • Incorporating proven cosmetic dentistry techniques

Oral health conditions like TMJ disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, and gum disease can all have a direct and significant impact on your quality of life. Our holistic dentist can help.

Marisol R.
I recommend everyone that’s looking for a Holistic Dentist that looks and care for more than your teeth, Dr Lopez treatment has chance enormously my son life, in this office they look more than crooked teeth and cavities, they actually notice my son had an airway problem that was related to his lack of energy and sleepiness, and ever since we start treatment my son has stopped snoring he’s more energetic and he’s actually more outgoing, nothing can make a parent to feel happier than seen your child growth to his fullest potential. Highly recommended to anyone that’s looking for the best treatment!
Eneida V.
Everyone was welcoming and happy to help! Alejandra was great during my cleaning and was very thorough when answering any questions. I would highly recommend visiting!
Chris G
Dr Lopez has been my dentist going on almost three years now. SHE IS AMAZING---AND SHES HOLISTIC The ambiance here is so calming; I've never felt more comfortable in a patient chair. Now my brother and I are going through ortho treatment as well and their knowledge and care is one of a kind, you really feel the love and you really understand the why of treatment and realize how much it can improve your life. I'm really happy.
Vivian A.
Love this place, great environment.!!!! Dr Lopez and her Staff are very kind and knowledgeable, they really respond to all my questions and I was in severe TMD pain my jaw keep popping and I got to the point that I couldn’t open my mouth. Dr Lopez gave me options and I couldn’t be happier with my treatment. I feel so great now they are way a head on technology and treatment options than others Dentist out there, now all my family sees Dr Lopez and we couldn’t be in better hands!
Andrea T.
Highly recommended! Help me with an emergency I had during vacations and I’m happy with the work that was done!! Very cute and cozy office!
Chef K.
Going through ortho here with my older brothers. They really do a good job of setting an expectation for you and are all really smart. I feel I’m in good hands and would recommend Dr Lopez and her team for any dental needs.
Diego R.
I was looking for a new dental office close to work and found PureDental was near by. The office is like no other I have been to. It was very welcoming and nofhing like your traditional hospitol setting--it was very comfortable! The staff was also very nice!
Jeffrey G.
The way Dr Lopez and her team take their time with you, you begin to realize that theres so much more than just aesthetics when it comes to teeth. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my treatment.
Melissa W.
I visited Pure Dental and Dr. Lopez to make some corrections to my smile. I had braces as a child in Florida and was noticing some changes.. most likely due age and never really using my retainers consistently. Dr. Lopez recommended a treatment plan of which I am already noticing a difference. On my visits I have always been remembered and greeted warmly by her staff, had minimal wait times, and always had services performed with gentleness. I would encourage anyone that wants a soothing, state of the art dental experience to visit Pure Dental.

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