Sedation Dentistry - Chicago, IL

Sedation Dentistry Offers Positive Dental Visits

Sedation is Ideal for Patients with Dental Anxiety

At PureDental, holistic dentist Dr. Katarzyna Lopez understands that dental anxiety is a significant concern for many people. In fact, the fear and phobia of dentists often keeps patients from receiving the dental care that they need. Thanks to safe and effective sedation dentistry options, we’re helping Chicago, IL families have access to essential oral health services in a convenient and comfortable manner. Dental anxiety is very real, and it affects a large percentage of our patients and their families. But at PureDental, we work at your pace and take extra steps to ensure your experience with us is a positive one! Anyone can request sedation dentistry during their procedure, but it’s especially ideal for our patients that suffer from dental anxiety.

Types of Sedation Dentistry in Chicago, IL

The type of sedation dentistry that you choose will depend on how aware you want to be during your appointment. At PureDental, Dr. Lopez offers oral sedation along with local anesthesia (numbing) to ensure your comfort at all times throughout your procedure. While oral sedatives can make some people feel quite sleepy, you’ll still be conscious enough to answer simple questions or follow brief instructions (such as “turn toward me” or “open wide”). But the amnesic effects of oral sedation dentistry mean that you likely won’t remember much about your appointment, if anything at all. You’ll need to have a trusted friend or family member escort you to and from our office, as it can take a few hours for the medication to fully wear off.

dental patient taking sedation medication Chicago IL
sedation dentistry patient Chicago IL

When to Consider Sedation Dentistry

  • Mild anxiety about getting treatment
  • Severe dental phobia
  • Longer procedures, such as grafting or implants
  • Multiple treatments in one visit
  • Preferring to “tune everything out”
  • A more relaxing experience overall

Think you’re not a candidate for dental sedation? Think again!