Full Mouth Reconstruction - Chicago, IL

Recreating Confident, Healthy and Functional Smiles

Planning Your Dental Treatment

Cosmetic dentistry patients in Chicago, IL trust our holistic dental team at PureDental for their full mouth reconstruction needs, because of our artistic and functional approach to care. Every full mouth reconstruction case is different, so we carefully plan it out to meet your oral health needs, timeline, future goals, aesthetic concerns, and underlying health issues. Together with the guidance of our Chicago, IL holistic dentist, you’ll choose from appropriate treatment options that are designed to rehabilitate and enhance your oral health.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Improves More than Appearance

Facilitating a healthy, stable bite is vital to your digestion, oral function, and livelihood. We incorporate biocompatible restorations (including dental implants) to give you the smile you deserve. From protective ceramic crowns to advanced orthodontics and TMJ therapies, your tailored full mouth reconstruction plan will help to replace missing teeth, repair damaged ones, enhance your appearance, and aim toward healthier overall function of your teeth, jaws, and body.

As part four holistic approach to care, we also incorporate cosmetic veneers, whitening, gum recontouring, smile lifts, and clear aligners to achieve a smile that you can be physically and emotionally happy about.

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A Holistic Approach to Treating Dental Needs

  • Addressing your mouth as a whole
  • Considerations to underlying health issues
  • Rehabilitating damaged teeth
  • Long term solutions for missing teeth
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Non-toxic restorative techniques
dr lopez performing full mouth reconstruction procedure Chicago IL

Which Type of Treatment do You Need?

PureDental patients can rest assured that we only recommend treatments and oral health therapies that are beneficial to their smiles and their lifestyle. Some treatments we may recommend include gum recontouring, dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, and clear aligners. All of our restorations and cosmetic dentistry services are designed from high quality materials that are biocompatible and non-toxic. We also offer mercury safe filling removal.

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It’s Time to Enjoy the Smile You Deserve!