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Whole-Body, Holistic Dental Care

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Also known as “biological dentistry,” holistic dentistry is an alternative approach to dental care that emphasizes consideration for how oral health and dental products affect our patients’ overall physical and emotional needs. Holistic dentistry gives special consideration to various aspects of dental care, from the materials used in reconstructive services to the way your bite functions on a neuromuscular level. Our patients are more aware than ever about how the toxins going inside of their bodies affect them in the years to come. PureDental takes extra steps to avoid possible contaminants during treatments and long-term restorative measures, eliminating the use of traditional products that contain elements such as mercury and fluoride. Consciously choosing a healthier option for our patients is better for them as a whole, not just their smile. 

During each holistic dental service we offer, Dr. Lopez takes into account our patients’ physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Enhanced safety measures are taken to ensure the protection of you, the environment, and our staff at all times. This includes accommodations taken to minimize toxic vapors during the removal of metal substances (including mercury fillings.) Our close partnership with patients and other health professionals provides the most effective holistic dentistry outcome possible. 

Mercury-free dentistry incorporates SAFE metal removal processes, including those that isolate toxic vapors released during amalgam filling replacement.

Holistic Dentistry Combines Health And Beauty In Smiles

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Biological and Mercury-Free Dentistry

  • BPA Free
  • Latex Free
  • Fluoride Free
  • Triple Filtered Water
  • Non-toxic Environment
  • Low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Digital dentistry offers up to 90% less radiation and eliminates paper/lead waste.

Office design features biocompatible materials, including non-toxic flooring.

SMART Mercury Filling Removal prevents biological contamination to our holistic dentistry patients and the Chicago, IL water supply.

Promoting Health and Wellness

We feel that it’s vital to emphasize the prevention of oral diseases and health complications, rather than wait for them to reach a point where treatment is needed. To enhance the level of wellness of our patients, we offer additional resources for nutrition and supplementation, which promote detoxification processes.

  • Saloom - Porcelain Veneers
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  • Thomas - Full Mouth Reconstruction
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  • Sari - Full Mouth Reconstruction
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We’re BPA, Latex, and Mercury free! Contact PureDental today to request an appointment.