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Improve Oral Health While Enhancing Your Appearance

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What is Advanced Orthodontics?

Through facial sculpting orthodontics and smile lifts, we’re able to adjust the way teeth bite together and how your facial features (lips, cheeks, etc.) rest against them. As a result, we can improve not just how your smile looks, but your outward profile as well. When combined with other types of full mouth reconstruction or anti-aging dentistry (like Botox® and PRP treatment,) you can enjoy the full effects of our holistic cosmetic services.

Properly aligned teeth function better and support the cheeks, lips, and chin to maintain a youthful, healthy appearance. So in addition to anti-aging treatments, we incorporate cosmetic braces such as clear aligners and tooth colored appliances, eliminating the traditional metal aids associated with orthodontic treatment.

 Smile lifts and orthodontics accentuate both your smile and face, addressing issues such as worn, missing teeth and sunken tissues associated with tooth loss. Advanced orthodontics and early childhood orthodontic intervention also make it possible to enhance the function of the airway, improving oxygen intake and minimizing the effects of medical conditions like sleep apnea.

Advanced orthodontics and orthognathic techniques provide our Chicago, IL patients with improved dental function and optimal long-term cosmetic results.

The Oral Health Of My Children Has Improved With Holistic Dentistry

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Your Advanced Orthodontics Consultation

During your initial visit to our Chicago, IL holistic practice, Dr. Lopez will evaluate the occlusal (bite) relationship of your teeth, patterns such as those seen in tooth loss, and how your facial and anatomical structures relate to your tooth alignment. If a smile lift or airway/breathing disorder (such as sleep apnea) is a concern, we can discuss how advanced orthodontics may be able to help and which type of braces or clear aligners are best for your situation. Orthodontics offers many benefits to patients:

Orthodontics offers many benefits to patients:

  • Enhance your overall appearance
  • Improve the function of your bite
  • Replace and restore damaged teeth
  • Facilitate better air flow during sleep
  • Minimize the effects of TMJ disorders
  • Non-toxic Environment
  • Low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Improve More than Just the Alignment of your Teeth.