Pro Arch Dental Implants- Chicago, IL

A Fixed, Full Arch Solution to Missing Teeth

With Implant Supported Dentures, You Can Get A Lifelong Beautiful & Healthy Smile

Straumann® Pro Arch Dental Implants

For our patients who require full mouth rehabilitation and replacement of all their natural teeth, Dr. Lopez frequently recommends the Straumann® Pro Arch dental implant system. This full arch dental solution provides a stabilized and hybrid design that meshes the function of an extended dental bridge and need for a denture into a longer, full arch implant design. Using four strategically placed dental implants, this unique full arch restoration replaces all of the upper or lower teeth with one fixed appliance. Pro Arch dental implants offer higher comfort and confidence to traditional denture wearers.

Straumann Pro Arch Dental Implants Step by Step Overview

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Purpose of Full Arch Dental Solutions

  • Replacing all of the upper or lower teeth at one time
  • Provide a stable, permanent alternative to dentures
  • Improved comfort and confidence
  • Takes up less space inside of the mouth
  • Strengthens the jaw
  • Compliments your overall facial profile
  • Easier to eat with

Who is a Candidate?

Candidates for Straumann Pro Arch dental implants are usually individuals that require full mouth rehabilitation due to extensive gum disease or tooth decay, or who want a more permanent alternative over conventional removable dentures. Because full arch dental solutions are a permanent part of your smile, there’s no need to remove your hybrid denture at night or alter the meals you eat. 

Instead, the slimmer profile follows the natural contour of your mouth, mimicking the design of an extended bridge. We bring a partnering Chicago, IL oral surgeon into our holistic practice to place the implants, and then Dr. Lopez affixes the final full arch restoration.

The proven results of Straumann full arch dental solutions make them a smart investment in your smile and quality of life.

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Will Other Treatment be Necessary?

If there are any existing teeth — such as those with severe wear or mobile from gum disease — they will need to be removed prior to the pro arch dental implants being installed. Bone grafting may be needed in areas with long-term tooth loss. We offer comfortable sedation dentistry options to make this process as simple as possible!

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